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06 Nov 2019

The board of Directors of Impact Healthcare REIT plc (ticker: IHR) (the “Board“), the real estate investment trust which provides investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of UK healthcare real estate assets, in particular care homes, today announces its intention to raise gross proceeds of approximately £50 million by way of a placing (the “Placing“) of new ordinary shares (“New Ordinary Shares“) pursuant to the Company’s placing programme as set out in the prospectus published by the Company on 11 February 2019 (the “Prospectus“).

As at 31 October 2019, the Company had successfully committed the £100 million it raised from an oversubscribed placing of new shares in May 2019.

The net proceeds of the Placing will enable the Company to fund new investments in line with its investment policy and return profile to deliver further value for its shareholders. These include a near term pipeline of opportunities with 11 properties under exclusivity, which total over £60 million in value.

The issue price per New Ordinary Share under the Placing will be 108 pence (the “Issue Price”), which represents a discount of 1.8% to the closing price per ordinary share on 5 November 2019 and a premium of 1.9% to the NAV of 106.0 pence per share at 30 September 2019¹.

The New Ordinary Shares will be eligible to receive all future dividends and distributions declared, made or paid after the closing date of the Placing. They will rank pari passu with the existing Ordinary Shares in the capital of the Company.

Winterflood Securities Limited and RBC Capital Markets are acting for the Company in relation to the Placing.


The Prospectus referred to a strong pipeline of potential acquisitions. The Company has been pursuing a highly disciplined approach to executing on these transactions. Since the placing in May, the Company has announced the acquisition of 11 care homes. Impact Health Partners LLP (the “Investment Manager”) is currently in exclusive negotiations on three opportunities, each of which could close before the end of this year. Together, these transactions would enable the Company to deploy in excess of £60 million, adding 11 new properties and one new tenant to its current portfolio. More specifically:

·      The Investment Manager has agreed exclusivity on the acquisition of a portfolio of nine homes for a consideration of approximately £50 million. The homes are managed by a high-quality operator which, if the transaction completes, will become the Company’s tenth tenant. The homes are all rated highly by the regulator, are well-maintained and will offer the Company attractive levels of rent cover and a blended net initial yield which is in line with previous acquisitions the Company has made.

·      The Company is at an advanced stage of documentation for two further transactions, each of which would add a new home to be managed by one of the Company’s existing tenants and require a total investment of £11 million.

·      In addition, the Investment Manager is in negotiations on a number of other transactions, some of which are expected to complete in early 2020.

·      Each of these transactions, which will be subject to Board approval, is expected to be accretive to earnings and to improve further the diversification of the Company’s portfolio.

·      The leases to be put in place on all potential new acquisitions will be consistent with those on the Company’s existing portfolio, with fixed terms of not less than 20 years and an annual, upwards-only inflation adjustment at RPI.

·      In addition, the Company’s Investment Manager has identified organic growth opportunities to invest in the Company’s existing portfolio of 86 properties, which is expected to deliver further income and capital growth. So far, the Company has committed £16.1 million to fund capital investment at 10 of its properties and the Investment Manager expects to be bring the next phase of capital projects to the Board for approval shortly.


Rupert Barclay, Chairman of Impact Healthcare REIT plc, commented:

“I am very pleased that the Company has the opportunity to grow in a measured way, while continuing to exercise robust capital discipline and being very selective about the tenants with whom it decides to enter into long-term partnerships. The Placing will enable the Company to capitalise on its pipeline of attractive, near-term opportunities, which are expected to create value for shareholders at the same time as maintaining a strong balance sheet.”

Company overview

Since IPO in March 2017, the Company has built a diversified portfolio of 86 properties across the UK. As at 30 June 2019, the Company’s contracted rent roll was £21.6 million and its weighted average unexpired lease term was 19.6 years. In the six months to 30 June 2019, the Company grew its profit before tax to £10.9 million, up from £8.5 million in the same period in 2018. 84 of the Company’s leases have an annual, upwards-only inflation adjustment at RPI with a floor of 2% and a cap of 4%, with the remaining two leases adjusting annually at CPI.


Since inception, the Company has delivered on its dividend targets:


Number of dividends declared for the period – 3
Total dividend per share paid – 4.5 pence


Number of dividends declared for the period – 4
Total dividend per share paid – 6.0 pence


In February 2019, the Company introduced a new progressive dividend policy, which targets an increase in the dividend paid each year by an amount equal to the rent increases received in the prior financial year. The Company has set a target dividend of 6.17 pence per share for the year to 31 December 2019. For the first half of this year, the Company declared and paid two dividends of 1.5425 pence each. These payments were well covered by the Company’s EPRA earnings per share of 3.62 pence in the period. The Company has subsequently declared its dividend for the third quarter of 1.5425 pence per share, in line with the target dividend for the current year.

The Company’s targeted long-term NAV total return (combining NAV growth and dividends) is 9% per annum. The NAV total return delivered since IPO in March 2017 is 22.0%, 8.53% annualised.  The NAV total return delivered for the nine months to 30 September 2019 is 7.18%, 9.92% annualised.

The Company has established a good track record of sourcing high-quality assets in advance of its fund raises and efficiently executing acquisitions afterwards.


Benefits of the Placing

The Directors believe that the continued growth of the Company’s portfolio via the Placing will:

·      allow the Company to capitalise further on the opportunities in an attractive market;

·      be accretive to the Company’s earnings once the net proceeds are fully invested;

·      further enhance the quality of the portfolio and improve income diversification;

·      present more opportunities for active asset management;

·      improve operational efficiency and cost ratios; and

·      potentially broaden the investor base and increase liquidity in the Ordinary Shares.


Further information on the Placing

The New Ordinary Shares are being offered to investors pursuant to the authority granted at the Company’s general meeting held on 5 March 2019. The Board reserves the right to increase the size of the Placing, subject to, inter alia, investor demand, the near-term availability of attractive investment opportunities and the projected financial position of the Company after the fundraising.

The Placing is expected to close at 2:00pm on 4 December 2019 and the results of the Placing are expected to be announced on 5 December 2019.

Applications will be made to the Financial Conduct Authority for admission of the New Ordinary Shares to the premium segment of the Official List and to the London Stock Exchange for admission to trading of the New Ordinary Shares on its main market for listed securities (“Admission”).  It is expected that Admission will become effective on 9 December 2019 and that dealings in the New Ordinary Shares will commence at that time.

The New Ordinary Shares will, when issued, be credited as fully paid and rank pari passu with the existing Ordinary Shares in the capital of the Company, including the right to receive all future dividends and distributions declared, made or paid after Admission.

The terms of the Placing are set out in the Prospectus, available on the Company’s website at, subject to certain access restrictions.


1 The NAV at 30 September 2019 is the last reported NAV of the Company.  Since this date, a dividend of 1.5425 pence per share has been announced (ex-dividend date 31 October 2019) and further net income has been earned by the Group from the underlying leases.

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