We aim to provide shareholders with attractive long-term and sustainable returns, primarily in the form of quarterly dividends.

These dividends are underpinned by our secure and stable income, which comes from our tenants within a group that is financially sound and committed to providing high standards of care. We benefit from long leases with inflation-linked annual rent reviews.

The Company introduced a progressive dividend policy under which it seeks to grow its target dividend in line with the inflation-linked rental uplifts received by the Group under the terms of the rent review provisions contained in the Group’s leases in the prior financial year¹.

Target Dividend 2024

For the year ending 31 December 2024, the target dividend is 6.95 pence per Share¹ (the “Target Dividend”). As the Target Dividend follows rents received, any increase will follow after any rent increase.

1 This is a target only and not a profit forecast. There can be no assurance that the target will be met and it should not be taken as an indicator of the Company’s expected or actual results.
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim2 May 202417 May 20241.73751.7375
Q2 InterimTBCTBC
Q3 InterimTBCTBC
Q4 InterimTBCTBC
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim4 May 202319 May 20231.69251.6925
Q2 Interim17 August 202320 September 20231.6925 1.6925
Q3 Interim2 November 202324 November 20231.69251.6925
Q4 Interim8 February 202423 February 20241.69251.6925
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim5 May 202220 May 20221.635 1.635
Q2 Interim25 August 20229 September 20221.635 1.635
Q3 Interim3 November 202225 November 20221.6351.635
Q4 Interim9 February 202324 February 20231.6351.635
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim27 May 202111 June 20211.60251.6025
Q2 Interim5 August 202127 August 20211.60251.6025
Q3 Interim28 October 202119 November 20211.60251.6025
Q4 Interim24 February 202211 March 20221.60251.6025
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim21 May 202012 June 20201.57251.5725
Q2 Interim20 August 20204 September 20201.57251.5725
Q3 Interim5 November 202027 November 20200.78630.78621.5725
Q4 Interim11 February 202126 February 20211.57251.5725
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim16 May 20197 June 20191.54251.5425
Q2 Interim8 August 201930 August 20191.54251.5425
Q3 Interim31 October 201922 November 20191.54251.5425
Q4 Interim6 February 202021 February 20201.54251.5425
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim3 May 201825 May 20181.501.50
Q2 Interim16 August 20187 September 20181.501.50
Q3 Interim1 November 201823 November 20181.501.50
Q4 Interim7 February 201922 February 20191.501.50
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q2 Interim10 August 201731 August 20171.51.5
Q3 Interim16 November 201730 November 20171.51.5
Q4 Interim8 February 201822 February 20181.51.5



For key dates see financial calendar.