We aim to provide shareholders with attractive long-term and sustainable returns, primarily in the form of quarterly dividends.

These dividends are underpinned by our secure and stable income, which comes from our tenants within a group that is financially sound and committed to providing high standards of care. We benefit from long leases with inflation-linked annual rent reviews.

Through active asset management we also aim to deliver growth in net asset values over the medium term.

The Group will have paid an aggregate dividend of 6.0 pence per share for the first 12 months from Admission, which equates to a yield of 6% per annum on the IPO Issue Price, payable in quarterly instalments.

2020 expected dividend calendar

DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim21 May12 June1.57251.5725
Q2 Interim20 Aug4 Sept1.57251.5725
Q3 Interim5 Nov27 Nov0.78630.78621.5725
Q4 InterimTBCFeb 2021

Target Dividend

Since First Admission, the Company has declared and paid dividends in line with its target dividend yield of 6.0% on the original issue price of 100 pence per Ordinary Share. Going forward, subject to market conditions, applicable law and the Company’s performance, financial position and financial outlook (including the Retail Prices Index) (and whilst not forming part of its investment policy), the Company will also seek to grow the Target Dividend in line with the inflation-linked rental uplifts received by the Group under the terms of the rent review provisions contained in the Group’s leases. For the year ending 31 December 2020, the target dividend is 6.29 pence per Ordinary Share¹ (the “Target Dividend”). As the Target Dividend follows rents received, any increase will follow after any rent increase.

1 This is a target only and not a profit forecast. There can be no assurance that the target will be met and it should not be taken as an indicator of the Company’s expected or actual results.
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim16 May 20197 June 20191.54251.5425
Q2 Interim8 August 201930 August 20191.54251.5425
Q3 Interim31 October 201922 November 20191.54251.5425
Q4 Interim6 February 202021 February 20201.54251.5425
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q1 Interim3 May 201825 May 20181.501.50
Q2 Interim16 August 20187 September 20181.501.50
Q3 Interim1 November 201823 November 20181.501.50
Q4 Interim7 February 201922 February 20191.501.50
DividendEx-dividend datePayment datePID (p)Non-PID (p)Total
Q2 Interim10 August 201731 August 20171.51.5
Q3 Interim16 November 201730 November 20171.51.5
Q4 Interim8 February 201822 February 20181.51.5




For key dates see financial calendar.