Westhaven opened in 2016, having been completely rebuilt to provide high-specification facilities. While residents enjoy the new building and its atmosphere, the real heart of Westhaven’s success is still down to the staff, who focus on providing great care.

As Maureen McDonough, manager of Westhaven explains,
“The home had a nice feel about it from the moment I walked in but the real key to good care is having the right staff, with the right training. There is a wonderful relationship here between staff and residents, and we’re all part of one family. Our end-of-life care staff deliver an especially high-quality service.”

How we add value

The previous home was much-loved by residents but with only 26 beds, it often had to turn people away. Since the rebuild, Westhaven’s increased capacity means it can now accommodate 52 residents.

Many staff members who used to work at Westhaven before the rebuild have returned, including Maureen herself.

“I went to work for another Minster home while Westhaven was being rebuilt,” she says. “I knew I wanted to continue working for this company. I love my job and I love being with this age group.”

Property Address

11-15 Queen's Road
CH47 2AG